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ELK LCD Keypad flush mountable

ELK LCD Keypad flush mountable View a larger version of this image
Brand: Elk
ELK LCD Keypad flush mountable
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Product Details
The ELK-M1KP2 is a low profile, addressable LCD Keypad for the M1 family of Cross Platform ControlsÒ. It features a 32 character blue/white backlighted display, blue lighted keys, 4 programmable function keys, along with the ELK menu navigation keys.  It may also be recess ’flush’ mounted using with a separately purchased back box kit (ELK-M1BBK2). The M1KP2 is compatible with "external" 26 bit Wiegand compatible proximity readers, allowing cards or fobs to be used for arming, disarming, or limited door strike control, etc.
  • Connection: 6 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector (Included)

  • Color: White

  • Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC

  • Current Draw: 40 - 50 mA Idle (low back light level, sounder silent) 160 mA Fully Active (max. back light & sounder active)

  • Size: 4.658" W x 5.5" H x .95" D (.375" D with recess mount)