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PCS PulseWorx KPCW-7: 7-Button Keypad UPB (White)

PCS PulseWorx KPCW-7: 7-Button Keypad UPB (White) View a larger version of this image
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PCS PulseWorx KPCW-7: 7-Button Keypad UPB (White)
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Product Details
The KPCW-7 Seven Button Keypad Controller is a high quality home automation keypad device that is capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines. The 7-Button Keypad can control single lights, trigger dramatic scenes, or send messages to a central controller.

Pre-programmed to trigger 5 preset scenes, plus bright and dim, with inviting light levels. 
Each Button will operate in one of 16 specific modes and initiate commands from a single tap double tap, press or release
LED Presets individually configure which LED indicators will light up or turn off in response to as many as 16 different scenes.
Adjustable LED brightness and backlighting permits nighttime viewing and status
Temporarily lock out feature
Custom Engraving is available
Wall mount or desktop versions 
Available in White, Black and Light Almon